Supreme Academic council

The Supreme Academic Council is the highest academic organ of the Institute. Its responsibilities include planning the institute’s academic development, approving academic syllabi, specifying entry and graduation requirements, supervising the level of instruction and examination, appointing the Institutional Academic Promotions Committee, and any other academic matters that the Council deems appropriate.

The Supreme Academic Council meets at least three times a year, nominates the permanent and ad hoc committees as needed. In its first meeting in 17\12\2010 the council nominated the promotions committee and its head, Prof. David Degani from the Technion, the technological Institute of Israel in Haifa, the ad hoc committee chaired by Prof. Elana Shohamy from Tel-Aviv university, to deal with the question of the

teaching language (Arabic, Hebrew and English) in the Institute and present its recommendations.

The Council consists of 24 members, 11 of them are full professors, 7 are associate professors, from the various universities in Israel, and an observer representing the students of the institute. There are 12 Jewish members and 12 Arab members, from them are 7 females.



June 2014—International Council

      * Indicates International Membership, Amuta 

  • February 2010----Mr. Samir Abu-Nassar—CPA   Nazareth,  Israel

  • March 2011—Dr. Sawsan Awwad—Educator, Nazareth, Israel 

            NAI, Board Vice Chairman, Israel  

  • January 2006—Re-appointed March 2014--Rev. Dr. Robert Baggott--- Senior Minister of the Community Church of Vero Beach, Vero Beach, Florida, USA

  • March 2011—Professor David Ben-Chaim—Academic and Research NAI, Technion & Weizmann Institute of Science, Haifa Israel

  • *January 2006—Re-appointed March 2014--Mr. Lyle Campbell—Chairman of the Board, Founders Bank, State Chartered Community Banks in Illinois and Arizona, Ret.  Phoenix Arizona, USA 

  • March 2011—Professor Salim Diab—Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, University of St. Francis, Joliet, Illinois,  USA 

  • January 2006—Re-appointed March 2014--Mrs. Susan Drinan—Chairman of the Board, NAI,  Former Business Executive, Director, General Electric Corporation,  Ret.,  Current, Seminars International Group Travel Consultant, Wheaton, Illinois  USA 

  • September 2012—Mrs. Ellham Farah—Co-founder of the Farah Family Foundation, Educator,  Ancaster, ON. Canada  

  • January 2006—Re-appointed March 2014--Mr. Wilfried Grommen--- GM Regional Technology Officer for Central & Eastern Europe, Hewlett Packard Corporation, Brussels, Belgium

  • January 2008—Re-appointed March 2014--Dr. Kurt Hengl—NAI Board Vice Chairman, Europe Ambassador from Austria to Israel,  Ret., Vienna, Austria

  • March 2011—Dr. Eyad Jahshan—Medical Doctor and head of OBGYN department at St. Vincent Hospital, Nazareth, Israel                

  • January 2006—Re-appointed March 2014--Mr. Bishara Katouff ---Business owner, Goldsmith/Gemologist/Jeweler, Nazareth, Israel

  • *September 2012—Dr. Radwan Khoury—Executive Director and COO Arab American and Chaldean Council, Livonia, MI USA  

  • March 2011—Dr. Suheir Khoury—Educator, Nazareth, Israel,  NAI Board Communications Officer

  • February 2010--Mr. Willibert Kurth—Business Executive, Germany

  • February 2012—Dr. Jeffery Lehman—Chancellor and Dean,  School of Transitional Law, Beijing China, Former President Cornell Univ. and Dean of Law School Univ. Michigan,  Beijing, China. 

  • January 2007—Re-appointed March 2014--Dr. Robert Prescott--- Recording Secretary, NAI Board. Chairman, Department of English, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, USA

  • October 2009—Re-appointed March 2014--Mr. Ronald Rolland--- former Partner, Arthur Andersen/Accenture, Current, Owner and Executive Director, Seminars International Travel Organizer, Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • April 2008—Re-appointed March 2014--Mr. Robert L. Schmidt--- Executive, Great American Broadband, Technology Expertise Park Hall Maryland, USA

  • March 2011—Mrs. Odette Shomar—Head of Public Relations, Holy Family Hospital,  Nazareth Israel,

  • December 2012—Dr. Wasim Shomar—Chairman of the Lynx Companies, former president of Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida, .

  • February 2012—Dr. Raji Srouji—VP Nazareth Fund, Director, Culture, Youth and Sports Nazareth Municipality, Nazareth Israel 

  • February 2012—Mrs. Janet Winningham—Attorney at Law, Chicago Based Firm, Treasurer, NAI Inc. (US 501 c 3), Downers Grove, Illinois USA

  • October 2009—Re-appointed March 2014--Mr. Ronald Yoder---NAI Board Vice Chairman, USA, President and CEO Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community, V.P. Mennonite Board of Missions, Ret. Harrisonburg, Virginia USA

Past Members:

  • In Memorandum:  Rev. Dr. George St. Angelo--- Founder MEC-University of Indianapolis Branch Campus--NAI  January 2006—March 2012.

  • Honorary:  Archbishop Elias Chacour (Emeritus) —Founder MEC-University of Indianapolis Branch Campus-NAI  January 2006


  • Mrs. Maryjane Behforouz—April 2008

  • Mr. James Green—January 2007

  • Mrs. Nadia Hilou—January 2006

  • Dr. Barhopum Masad—January 2006

  • Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo—January 2006

  • Mrs. Peggy Meyer—November 2008

  • Dr. Salim Nakhleh—January 2006

  • Mr. Roland Salman—October 2009